Friday, December 26, 2014

Letter From the Philippines

Dear Partners of WHOM and SLWM,

  Just yesterday Sarah and I received this email from a pastors wife (AOG church) in Cebu, Philippnes.  It so much blessed Sarah and I that we wanted to share it with you.  So often we wonder, after expending so much energy and finances, if we really make a difference.  It is comments like this that has kept us going to the nations for these past 30 years.  And you, our Partners, too, can rejoice with us because of your uniting with us in prayer and support.  Give all glory to our Father who is Heaven and to His Son Jesus Christ who has given us the ability through the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish His work here on earth until the day of His coming back.
  Please read carefully Sister Mercy's email and be be blessed:

Our Everdearest Bro. Wayne and Sis. Sarah,

We declare blessing, upon blessing, upon blessing to be upon you  as you faithfully obey God's calling for the nations! 

On behalf of our family, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  As we reflect this whole year, you first came to our remembrance. We believe it was a God-ordained schedule that you stayed long with us that time-early at the start of the year.

When Sis Sarah shared her vision to our Intercessors: "that the Holy Spirit is like brooding over the Philippine Islands"...Indeed something great awakening, renewal and revival were happening throughout the country, throughout the year, in spite of the deadly earthquake and super-typhoon. 

While sharing with that... in the national scenario... we would like to share to you also our personal and family journey...and then it flows to the local Church where God entrusted us to under-shepherd.

Indeed, your stay in our home was appointed by God. It was not only timely because Ptr. Edgar that time was always out of town for other ministry trips and engagements", so Pastor Wayne has become (by God's appointment) our "Papa at home and for our church/community various activities" *:) happy ..."

But most of all, my personal revelation from God was that, not only the Holy Spirit is brooding over the Philippine Islands, but "the Holy Spirit was brooding over our home and family through you." Halleluiah! 

As we reflect back how God is working in our family this year, indeed we also experience breakthrough upon breakthrough. Jeremiah, our eldest son, that we always asked from you for prayer before, and was in the rehabilitation center (Philippine Teen Challenge) during the time you were here, was home already since March. Now he is working as a youth development worker in our Compassion Project, handling 15-18 years old youth in our Church Center.  His calling from God in Jer. 1:5 while he was still 3months in my womb, is still loud and clear...though, we can still observe, he is resisting the Holy Spirit move in his life nowadays...

Mizpah Joy, our 2nd child and only daughter, is doing good and growing in the Lord's ministry through her involvement in the Global Relief Team of World Vision for Haiyan Response and based in Tacloban City. We're happy she's home with us this Christmas Season.  

And many more His-Stories of victories... to share with you when you come next year.

For the moment, please pray for our remaining activities in the church and family. We have just finished Mass Wedding as our Church Gift to sanctify live-in couples in our Child Survival Program...  Right now, as of writing, Pastor Edgar is having Teambuilding/Bonding time with our Sunday School Teachers, Royal Rangers Patrol Leaders, Praise and Worship Team and Life Group Leaders. I just remain in church replying your email (no more time after this)...hehehehe...and I'm preparing for our trip to Alcantara town (3 hour drive to South Cebu) this afternoon to officiate a Re-affirmation of Wedding Vows Ceremony, tomorrow.

Please pray also as we launch Project Andrew in the Church on Sunday(Dec.28) in preparation for Billy Graham Crusade in March 2015. And I'll be preaching also in Phil Teen Challenge (Cebu City) this Sunday Worship. I need wisdom, guidance, compassion and anointing from God to minister these street children, orphans and transformed addicts, etc. on this last Sunday of the year.

On December 30-Jan 2, as a family we'll travel Cebu North, Tuburan town. As a family (Pastor to handle the husbands/fathers,  me-to handle the wives/mothers, Jeremiah-for their youths and Mizpah Joy for their children), we are invited to speak on Church Family Camp of Tuburan AG. This is the first time (with our grown-up children) to minister together. Helleluiah! May the Lord find us ready for this. Please pray for unity of spirit, mind and faith. May we be a blessing to the families over there.

Thank you very much for journeying with us in prayer. This is all for the glory of God. Apart from HIM we are nothing. We need HIS extra strength, good health, protection and provision in all these travels, wisdom, guidance, revelation and anointing from ABOVE.

God bless you more and more...

In Christ alone we put our trust,

Sis Mercy (on behalf of the family)

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