Saturday, November 22, 2014


As I have been reflecting on recent events in America, indeed, the past several years, this very night in the shower many thoughts and questions began to enter my mind.  I will make an attempt to translate, that which is in my spirit, to “ink and paper.”

The Scripture that Holy Spirit gave me came from the mouth of a young man who later would be referred to as “a man after mine own heart.”  That youth is David, later to become King of all Israel. As a young man at the time – not even a warrior; hence, not a member of Saul’s Army.
When he came to the front lines of the battle he observed two forces: The forces of good, (God’s Children), and the forces of evil (the Philistines).  What he saw was quite disturbing to this shepherd boy of about 15 years of age.  He saw one lone Philistine standing in the valley below challenging the whole of God’s army on the hills above.  What young David saw turned his stomach for he saw the army of God cowering down, speechless, and hiding behind rocks…
From their mouth, and action came only silence – other than the chattering of teeth.

Finally, seeing all that he could stand, yelled out, “IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?” (1 Sa 17:29)

These words rang across the bloody battlefield below as the evil taunted, the righteous trembled.  David thought this ought not to be.  Having learned the art of worship, prayer, spiritual and natural warfare, during the time of caring for his fathers sheep, he was well prepared for the final episode of this historic battle – God’s best verses the enemies best.

Now, I ask you…”How did this turn out for the enemies of God?”  For the enemy to triumph, all it takes are ill-prepared men and women to say nothing and do nothing.  How did this work out for 1930’s Germany? 

Not often have I backed down from what some would refer to as to “controversial.”  It was once said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” (at least that is a close paraphrase).  What I have observed in the church, including leaders, is that many are not taking a vocal stand on the moral issues, of the which, many clearly violate our Constitution and the a Christians moral Code book, The Holy Bible.

The “Goliath” of abortion, the “Goliath of the so called gay rights issue…..both of which violates God’s moral conduct for mankind.  It’s not people God hates, or we hate, (indeed, He and we both love ALL people), but rather He hates the SIN that people commit.  For whatever reason, far too many “Christians” are taking a back seat to these issues.  Everyday, the enemies of the Cross are gaining momentum.  Where are the David’s? I have noticed many “big time” preachers having become “seeker friendly” rather than “righteous friendly….”  Big crowds rather than crying out from the “housetops” of the evil and injustice that is happening all across America…indeed the world.  I’ve had people on my Facebook come against me for speaking out thinking it might offend some who may not agree.  I have no problem with people who disagree with me.  All I ask is for a Bible reference to back up any claim they might have.

The Spirit of the Living God is once again crying out to the Church:  “Is there not a cause?”
As in Joel’s day, so it is in our day.  There is an enemy knocking at the door…the sounding of the prophetic shofar has and is sounding the alarm of the impending danger lurking at the very door door steps of freedom in America.  As God spoke to the Commanding General, Joshua, so He is speaking to us today, “Be strong, and courageous worship, meditate day and night on My word, and you will be successful.” 

To us, as He said to His people of yesteryear, “Put off your slumber.”  He also said, AWAKE, OH ISRAEL.  Sleepiness by the Church will surly result in the same outcome of His people who proceeded us (2 Kings 25).  The reason for the fall and captivity of Judah was poor leadership of the nation and the people serving other god’s; (today those god’s could be, if allowed, money, sports, TV, movies, hunting, fishing, and a host of other things that occupy our time and our minds….taking away the most important PART where the true worshipers of the Father of Lights, will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth).

Only by pursuing the Lord of heaven and earth as David did, will we prevail like David did!